DENTIX clinics

Lighting DENTIX brand.
In a sanitary space it is essential to convey to users professionalism and confidence.

The challenge

Perform the same type of lighting in different geographical locations while keeping the same essence, the same image to repeat in the chain assembly.

The process

To meet the challenge have developed a number of referenced only for customer products, as they have implemented more than 150 projects throughout the Spanish geography within approximately 2 years. During the process has been in constant contact with customer engineering and lighting needs to adapt performing the lighting calculations, essential to maintain the same levels of illumination and keep the same image in all areas tool.




It has also been essential to be agile throughout the manufacturing process and logistics due to the short period of time between the project and the implementation of the different centers.



These projects have different spaces adapted to customer needs. Since public spaces (waiting rooms, consultation, dental offices, corridors …) to private and engine room spaces. also through compliance with emergency lighting in case of evacuation. In the waiting rooms and reception products they have been used with DALI control for dimming function of the external ambient light.

  • +150 Clinics
  • +25.000 Light Spots


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