Manufacturing and development

We offer to our customers innovative and quality products.

Our process

It is always more important to gain and keep a customer than make a sale. This is the philosophy that has made Moonoff to grew.

Preliminary analysis

The first step of the process

We study the demand by analysing our potential customers’ needs.

We analyse our competitors in order to be always a step ahead and offer the best and most innovative solutions.

We seek new market niches and invest in R+D+i to remain leaders in our field.

Product design

Create luminaries from scratch.

Our engineering team identifies the requirements to be met by each project to ensure its success.

Electronics and 3D personnel set to work in the product.

Electronics is oriented towards a greater efficiency while the 3D works to improve heat dissipation, ensuring the durability of the LED.

Once the process is finished, we verify that the design meets the requirements and is moved to the prototyping phase.

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The product, from the draft towards the reality.

We produce between 5 and 10 product samples to check and test them in the same conditions as the real usage to get an accurate result.

We test features such as lighting, power, light colour, rain and shock resistance, optical performance and behaviour.

If you need to make any adjustments, the project reverts back to the design team and the process is repeated until the product is perfect.


Tests which leads to the excellence.


Once the prototype is set, between 500 and 1000 units are being produced to be subject to verification by our technical team.

During the verification, we follow electrical and thermal performance tests to check if the product meets the requirements required.

At this point, a lifetime product estimation is being done as well.










From Moonoff to our customers

Once the pre-production is validated, the manufacturing and final assembly of our products is started.

The final quality control is being done randomly by an independent team.

After the production phase, the luminaires are shipped and installed to make our customers enjoy the best experience in LED lighting.

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