Sant Vicenç de Castellet, Spain
A reading area, is the place to blow dreams and imagination.

The challenge

Perform and execute the adaptation to the LED technology provided spaces with other types of technology. Public administration requested reducing energy consumption while able to reduce maintenance work at the level of illumination.

The process

Different types of products were developed to suit the different spaces. Creating environmental and permanent fixtures with extruded aluminum profiles with LED strip, giving warmth to the whole building from the outside. Control levels were adequate lighting and allowing adapt from different ignition circuits. Allowing you to create different lighting states.



Illuminate a space for children’s reading has some particular components, such as the heights of the worktable are smaller but keep lighting levels also controlled planes work for adults.


  • 102 Fixed Downlights
  • 161 Orientable Downlights
  • 45 m Led Stripe


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