IMDEI Clinic

Madrid, Spain
In a sanitary space lighting it is essential for both doctors and patients.

The challenge

Illuminate a dental clinic with LED technology, respecting the classic style of the local and the specific requirements of a place dedicated to health.

The process

After studying customer needs and space, we create a specific project which, after appropriate validation processes, manufacture and install.



A dental clinic needs illumination to facilitate the work of doctors and at the same time, transmit tranquility and confidence they need patients.






In this project we differentiate the type and number of luminaires according to the different rooms and their needs. We illuminate from the waiting room to consultations, through rooms such as bathrooms or warehouse, trying to create a warm and homogeneous atmosphere that respects the noble style of space.

  • 10 Panels
  • 15 Recessed downlights
  • 45 Downlight panel


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