About us

Our team challenge the dark with efficient LED lighting and quality products.

Know us

We rely on a team of professional people working to improve every day and remain as one of the leaders in the LED lighting sector.

Our headquarters are based in Santiago de Compostela having a branch in Miami as well, in order to illuminate any space in the world offering the users a safe and friendly environment.

We invest in R+D

We work every day to offer our customers the latest in LED lighting.

To provide the highest quality products is our first priority, so our multidisciplinary team develops projects in R & D to improve and innovate the product continuously.

Our vocation to quality is embodied in the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 reached in terms of design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of LED products, which certifies us as synonym for quality in design, implementation, controlled manufacturing and effective commercialization.


We are joined to the UN Global Compact.


Moonoff is committed to protect our environment, and that is why we have joined the UN Global Compact.

This Compact is a voluntary initiative of social responsibility based on 10 principles on human rights, working standards, environment and anti-corruption struggle.

Our commintment to the enviroment

Our company assumes its responsibility to quality integrating a sustainable development in all our activities respecting the environment: we are committed to reduce environmental impact, help to protect our environment and ensure the positive impact of our actions on society.

Environmental and quality policy is a priority for Moonoff team.


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